Welcome to Cypress Street Station

Upscale Dining Restaurant in Downtown Abilene

One of the best restaurants in
Abilene, TX

Monday – Saturday
11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday Closed

Fun Stats

July 19-2021 through July 19-2022
Specialty Cocktails Sold
Maple Old Fashioned
Classic Old Fashioned
Land and Sea Items Sold
Scottish Salmon
Petie Filets
Pastas Sold
Lunch Bayou Florentine
Dinner Bayou Florentine
Desserts sold
Creme Brulee -Lunch
Creme Brulee -Dinner
Glasses of Red Wine Sold
Glasses of White Wine Sold
Appetizers Sold
Calamari -Lunch
Calamari -Dinner
Big J Burgers Sold
Big J Burgers Sold -Lunch
Big J Burgers Sold -Dinner

Welcome to Cypress Street Station

Fine Dining Restaurant in Downtown Abilene

One of the best restaurants in
Abilene, TX

Monday – Saturday
11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday Closed

Cypress Street Station | Brand Story

Located in the heart of Downtown Abilene, Texas, stands a historic landmark – an unparalleled upscale dining experience, set in a treasured icon that has pioneered the future of downtown dining for the best part of three decades. Recently revitalized and serving the city’s vibrant community, Cypress Street Station is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an incomparable culinary experience with the spirit of community at its core. Our award-winning establishment is renowned for its Old West Texas hospitality and innovative New American cuisine, infusing well-known comfort food flavors with a contemporary twist. Our chefs use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients in their artfully prepared dishes, allowing the essence of each product to shine through. A world-class wine list and Fresh Catch Daily selection complete the Cypress Street Station experience, ensuring both community members and visiting guests enjoy a truly memorable meal.

Upscale Dining in Abilene, Texas

Upscale dining is an eating experience that occurs in an expensive, fancy restaurant where people are formally served exceptionally good food. Upscale dining restaurants are typically more distinctive and sophisticated than the average eatery.

Some of the unspoken rules include:

Today'supscale dining has evolved into a diverse range of cuisines, though some high-end elements from the past have persisted. Perfect execution, attention to detail, and exceptional service are characteristics of upscale dining, which aims to provide guests with a top-notch experience. The interior design and materials used in upscale dining restaurants are of the highest quality.

Guests at upscale dining restaurants are expected to follow specific upscale dining etiquette rules, which may include a dress code, depending on how 'fine' the restaurant is.

Upscale Dining Vs Casual Dining

Reservations are usually required in upscale dining establishments. Making a reservation first is required because it allows the restaurant to properly space parties. This also ensures that the staff is not overburdened during the dinner rush, which lasts the entire length of service in upscale dining.

While casual dining is extremely friendly and casual, upscale dining is more formal and elegant. The guest experience at a fast food or casual restaurant is one of quick service, whereas at a upscale dining establishment, you sit and enjoy the meal from start to finish.

Upscale dining food is more expensive and of higher quality than casual dining food. Upscale dining meals consist of several courses such as appetizers, entrees, side dishes, wine or cocktails, and desserts.

There are three types of upscale dining menus;

  •  Prix Fixe Menu – This is a set menu with a limited number of options or one multi-course option for patrons to choose from.
  • A la Carte Menu – This menu allows guests to assemble their main course plate from a varied menu.
  • Traditional Entrée Menu – This menu is a more mainstream meal-ordering model where the entrees consist of side dishes matched with the main meal. For instance, the New York strip can come accompanied by vegetables and French fries.

In both Ala Carte and traditional menus; additional courses like desserts and appetizers are optional.

Benefits of Upscale Dining

Most people eat out at upscale dining restaurants to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and have dinner meetings. However, why wait for a special occasion to sample the great benefits upscale dining has to offer? They include:

High-Quality Drinks and Food

Upscale dining restaurants serve food of the highest quality, made with the most luxurious ingredients, and presented in a beautiful and unique presentation. The meals are not readily available locally, such as crisp flavored wines, quality freshly grated cheese, and some flavors and beverages. The menu includes a selection of liquor and wines that are meant to complement the dishes on offer.

A Unique Setting and Great Ambience

Upscale dining in Abilene, Texas, provides a one-of-a-kind setting and ambiance for an unforgettable dining experience. The majority of upscale dining establishments have clean surroundings, perfume in the air, relaxing music, and aromatic food. Many upscale dining establishments even design their china and stoneware to complement the food and overall aesthetic.

To entertain guests, some restaurants may have a solo or jazz band performing live music on a stage or a violinist walking from table to table. To create a romantic atmosphere, upscale dining usually includes candles or dim lighting. Upscale dining on the beach is an experience by the sea.

Comfortable Cushioned Chairs

Upscale dining restaurants serve food of the highest quality, made with the most luxurious ingredients, and presented in a beautiful and unique presentation. The meals are not readily available locally, such as crisp flavored wines, quality freshly grated cheese, and some flavors and beverages. The menu includes a selection of liquor and wines that are meant to complement the dishes on offer.

Superb Customer Service

Upscale dining establishments are known not only for their high-quality interiors and food, but also for their outstanding customer service. The waitstaff are very polite and serve the food in a systematic manner. You may be able to watch the chef prepare your meal in a buffet-style restaurant.

They are well-versed in the entire menu and can pick up on emotional cues from guests. They are available to assist, know appropriate jokes, and are pleasantly absent when you do not require their assistance. They also provide extra napkins when needed, remove your empty plate, and clear food from your table with no interruption.

Boosts Your Confidence and Mood

One of the most exciting experiences in life is preparing to dine in a fancy upscale dining restaurant with a loved one(s) for the company. Simply dressing impressively boosts your confidence and improves your mood.


Bushwood shrimp cocktails, Ahi tuna tostada, seared scallops, the soup of the day, and more.

Salads, Wraps, and Sandwiches

Caesar salad, kitchen sink salad, chicken Caesar salad, House salad, rancher wrap, and more.

Dinner and Lunch Dishes

Seared Scottish salmon, rainbow trout, Tuscan chicken, Crab cake, Southern hot mess, shrimp, Po Boy, and others.


Abilene Reviver, Hurricane, Prickly Pear Lemonade, Casa Guava, Sidecar, Manhattan, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fine diner is someone who goes to a fancy restaurant not because they are hungry, but because they want to have a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The distinctive catering menu and exquisite experience set it apart from casual dining. A fine diner appreciates luxury and is willing to pay a little more for it. This dining experience can be had in fine dining restaurants or through a professional catering company at high-profile corporate events and weddings.
We give you a wide range of payment options for your fine dining experience. While most fine diners do not like to put a stack of notes in the bill holder, we do not limit you. We accept cash and contactless payment through all major credit cards.
Fine dining for special events is a partnership. We need to work together to deliver delicious catering within your budget. We offer bespoke service for your special day, so you can customize menus according to your taste. As we continue working on your catering orders, we offer expert advice and collect your views on what works best for your guests.

A fine dining experience can be obtained in a restaurant or at other venues for special events such as corporate events, birthdays, and weddings. It is not always easy to find professional caterers and service staff for your high-profile event. Working with fully licensed event planners who can take care of guests will ensure that your guests have a memorable dining experience.

Fine dining involves the following:

  1. Date selection for the event. You must choose an appropriate date for your event.

  2. Guest list preparation. Decide on the number of guests you want to invite, then send out invitations. Follow up with each guest to determine the final number of guests.

  3. Guest requirements and expectations. Determine what your guests expect and whether anyone has any special requirements, such as dietary restrictions or food allergies. This information will assist us in creating the ideal menu for your event.

  4. Budget. Before making reservations, be aware of your financial constraints. This information will assist us in deciding which foods to include on the menu and which wines to serve. Consider additional costs associated with hosting events outside of restaurants, such as delivery fees. Other expenses could include a cake-cutting fee.

  5. Reservation. Once you have this information, call 325-977-0958 to make your reservation. We will make recommendations on venues, menus, and alcohol based on the event you are hosting. You have the option of making special requests, such as a wedding cake and additional wait staff. During this stage, ask all of your catering questions. At this point, you must pay a deposit.

  6. Tastings. We provide tastings to ensure that the food and drinks meet your standards. Choose a date for tastings prior to the event.

  7. Venue set up. Professional event organizers ensure that the venue is set before the event. At least a day before the event, confirm if the tables and chairs are organized properly.

  8. Meet and greet. As the event host, the next step is to ensure that all VIPs are greeted warmly as they arrive. The information you gather during the planning phase can assist us in tagging different types of guests for easier identification and seating. Most importantly, make certain that your VIP guests are properly treated.

  9. Catering orders. Once all guests are seated, our servers will take orders and give personalized greetings to your guests. They serve alcohol first, then appetizers, entrees, and finally desserts. We can pack the leftover food after every guest is satisfied.

  10. Feedback. The waiting staff conducts satisfaction checks by collecting feedback from guests during the event. We incorporate this feedback in our recommendations for the next event.

  11. Payment. At the end of the event, we allow you to clear your payment.

Yes. From gluten-free to lactose-free to bar service, our goal is to accommodate guests and their dietary needs. With our customized menus, we will go to any length to make our guests happy. Tell us about your guests’ dietary needs and restrictions, and we’ll make sure to include them in the menu options.
We give our clients the freedom to decide what to wear depending on the event they are hosting. What works well for a wedding may not work for corporate events. However, you will do well with casual and/or your best!

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